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About Us
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Emergent Entertainment Group is a multidisciplinary firm specializing in broadcast lighting design, Scenic production design, and video screens production.

Based on a fascinating set of natural algorithms inspired by Alan Turing and other great modern mathematicians, we're able to generate organic, naturally inspired free flowing kinetic designs, Porus Shell structures, and tensile fabric structures that light up extremely well and are fresh looking. All our structures are scaleable, flexible, and designed with light and exposure in mind. Filling the frame with light and dark makes great TV and we love designing light emitting as well as reflecting structures too. LED's are an integral component of our designs, from LED tape, to strips, cubes, tubes, arrays of all shapes and sizes, low res and high res - we design light and video into any imaginable sized surface area big or small. Video motion graphics team is a collaboration amongst some of the leading and interestingly styled global artists who work to achieve stunningly unique, perception shifting designs. We can make you look as subtle, or as vivid as you would like.
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Christian Choi is an American Television lighting designer who cut his teeth on a Commodore Vic20 and worked his way up to a Mac. His life has been dedicated to television lighting design and digital production arts, with a foundation in theatrical & concert lighting. After a 5 year stint designing lighting in a humble Las Vegas showroom, then going to work for Vari-Lite, Inc., he ganged up with Le Cique Du Soleil in ’92 programming automated lighting for Mystere, and “O” until deciding to dive into the deep end of the concert touring world with King of Pop, Michael Jackson, after which he spent several years working as automated lighting programmer with Gloria Estefan, Diana Ross, Mariah Carey, Cher,& Neil Diamond, to name a few.

After being nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award in 2000 for Lighting Direction on Cher's '99 live HBO special, he worked as a lighting director/programmer on several high profile network primetime specials from 2000 to '07.

Since '01 Choi became laterally involved in the use of digitally controlled video media servers as an artform linked to the lighting cue structures, providing cohesive visual design for special event broadcasts - such as '04 Super Bowl Halftime show, the 03 Radio Music Awards, VH1's Big, & 07 The Latin Grammys Live, to name a few.

In 2008, he spread his wings into the scenic Digfab scene, utilizing parametric CNC driven design into fabrication of sets for SET& SBTN news networks. Lately, he’s been turning algorithm into art through generative design and computational geometry. Inspired by nature & maths, he dove headfirst into coding generative structures into hard scenic for Asia's HD DVDs 69 & 70.

He's recently founded The Emergent Entertainment Group, a multidisciplinary design firm seated on the edge of combining scenic, video, and lighting into unified show design, utilizing parametric design and digital fabrication technique.
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