Here are some early pre-renders I found of Asia 70 which were interesting to see because they illustrate how much a show can evolve through time as budgets and so forth come to the approval process. There can be quite a lot of back and forth when a show isn’t fully baked in the client’s pursestrings. I usually come up with a few different ideas of how the design should look, then we refine based on that. If there is something the client really likes, then I strive to find ways to keep the design in tact in that regard. Sometimes, it’s a process of seeing what everyone is most comfortable letting go of.

In this rendering, the trees evolved to towers, the bridge on SL was cut, and the presenter area on SR was also cut. We ended up keeping the centerpiece mountain, the pagoda, and the stairs, and it all ended up looking just fabulous. To be honest, it would’ve been a hell of a lot of stuff to pack in a short amount of time.
The bamboo was also a lovely touch that was kept in the show. They were actually real bamboo pieces that we went with, giant ones approximately 1’ in diameter.
These were the original tree tower concepts, in each hole were to be a Vari-lite.
Tree Lights
I quite liked the step units on the show. It doesn’t show it here, but the steps were lined with Aluminum, which made them really shine up well.
We ended up changing the light trees for something more practical, an interiorly lit tower, which was still quite nice in camera in it’s grandeur on stage.